Thursday, July 26, 2012

Your Personal Sustainability: Create the Life You Want

So, you know that Breaking Ground Education Services has been a leader in providing sustainable education with regard to green building and construction. Now, we are expanding the sustainability spectrum with our new Your Personal Sustainability courses designed to focus on the most important resource of all...OURSELVES! The first course offering in the Your Personal Sustainability lineup is entitled, "Create the Life You Want."

Create the Life You Want is a mind and heart-opening series identifying what blocks you from your desired life, improving your mental capacity, enhancing your relationships and bringing more creativity to your plans and projects. The Create the Life You Want series is taught by Therese Tappouni, a licensed HeartMath Provider and Somatic Intuitive Training Practitioner. Participants will be guided through three, two-hour evening workshops over a 3-month period. Courses for both men and women are available.

Click here for course details and to register. Space is very limited! Keep an eye out for future courses in Your Personal Sustainability.


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Are We a Contractor or Educator?

The answer is....both! As Director of Education for Breaking Ground Education Services, a division of Breaking Ground Contracting, people often remark about how unconventional it is that a construction company also promotes education. Each time I hear these remarks, it becomes even MORE clear to me just how much sense it makes that a successful construction company like Breaking Ground Contracting blaze the trail of education in green, sustainable and LEED* building and workplace safety. After all, buildings use the greatest amount of energy...WAY more than our vehicles. So, it stands to reason that we do our part to enlighten the industry to environmentally sound ways of doing business. We don't just believe it, we live it! The foresight of President, Mary Tappouni, began many years ago with her passion for building, nature and the environment. Her vision drives her company, and those of us who have the privilege of working for Breaking Ground Contracting have been infected by her passion for green building and the desire to couple sound building practices with environmental responsibility. It is our mission to educate other contractors, architects, engineers, subcontractors, developers and anyone else who wants to listen and learn, about the ways we can all do our part in building green for the future...the future of our industry, our children and our world.